In this course, we will dissect and apply the unique characteristics of Madarasz’s script. We will learn how to execute capital letters with whole arm movement. With my guidance, each student will gain the tools necessary to acquire and develop Madarasz’s style. Knowledge of Spencerian, while certainly beneficial, will not be a prerequisite for this course. My secret agenda is to help students see why we even want to write like Madarasz, and to use what he has created as a model that inspires us to develop our own styles.

Your Instructor

Master Penman Connie Chen is the youngest Master Penman in the world, and the only one recognized for her skills in Engrosser's Script, Ornamental Penmanship, and Offhand Flourishing by both Senior Master Penman William A. Lilly and Master Penman John DeCollibus. 

A current graduate student at Harvard University, Connie apprenticed to Senior Master Penman William A. Lilly, who earned a Gold Seal Certificate at the Zanerian College, the top award given by America's leading school of penmanship and engrossing. With more than 20 years of experience in English and Chinese calligraphy, Connie creates art that transcends the boundaries of geography, culture, and time. 

After providing detailed feedback to more than 2,000 students in over 5 years of teaching calligraphy courses online, Connie knows intimately what students struggle with in each script. Her attentiveness to detail and devotion to her students have consistently produced significant progress in their work.

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